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Alcoholic beverage law can be an unexpected barrier in getting a restaurant, bar, craft brewery or more up and running. We help you meet your goals as swiftly as possible.

Working To Ease A Notoriously Complicated Process

Alcoholic beverage law regulates the production, importation and sale of alcohol. Because a combination of federal, state and local laws governs policies pertaining to alcohol, it can be incredibly confusing to understand where to start as a new business.

This is where we come in. Transactional matters under alcoholic beverage law are far different from other business legal issues. At Samuel A. Rubert, P.A., our sole focus is on alcoholic beverage law. Our dedicated legal team assists with everything from confirming the viability of your desired location to understanding your lease agreement and more.

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Practice Areas


We guide clients throughout transactional matters associated with buying, selling or starting a business.

Land Use Law

The location of your business is critical. We assist with confirming the viability of your desired location and obtaining any necessary approvals from the local cities and counties.


We assist clients in efficiently obtaining licenses at the state and federal levels.

Administrative Action Defense

A civil administrative action can put your entire business at risk. We work to reduce the penalties you face.

Marketing And Advertising Compliance

We work together with clients to ensure they understand strict marketing and advertising requirements.

Experience With A Wide Array Of Businesses

The Value Only An Attorney Can Provide

Whether you are a new business owner or have been operating for years, you may question the need to work with an attorney. After all, there are many resources available to assist with various business transactional needs. Unlike so-called license brokers or expeditors, attorneys are regulated by the Florida Bar and most often insured. Moreover, alcoholic beverage law involves unique complications. Without the dedicated guidance of a lawyer knowledgeable in this area, you could face additional barriers and wait times to making your business operational and more importantly, profitable. We can advise on what to expect and what you need.

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