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Dedicated Legal Representation In Alcoholic Beverage Law

Laws pertaining to alcoholic beverage licensing and permitting can be complex. As a restaurant, bar or liquor store owner, importer, distributor, alcoholic beverage manufacturer or other business owner, you may be both surprised and frustrated at the state and federal regulations you must learn to navigate.

At Rubert Law, we understand the complications you face. Our team, led by attorney Samuel Rubert, focuses exclusively on alcoholic beverage law. Whether you are interested in opening a craft brewery, purchasing a liquor store, or otherwise buying, selling or starting an alcohol-related business, we can guide you through the legal requirements to get you fully licensed, permitted and operating.

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Leveraging Our Unique Backgrounds To Assist You

Many members of our team have backgrounds in the food and beverage industry. Samuel Rubert has had a lifelong interest in food and wine, which led to attending culinary school and working as a line cook.

Now working as a legal advocate for members of the food and beverage industry, Samuel and his team leverage their backgrounds to better assist clients across Florida. We know that while you attempt to understand the legal hurdles you now face, you are also juggling many other critical tasks and decisions to get your operation up and running.

Focusing On Your End Goals

When you first meet with us, we will ask you a simple question: “What do you want to do?” We want to understand what your business will look like when it is open. How your business will operate will affect everything from what type of license is best for you to whether there are foreseeable issues with the location of your business.

To that end, we will review your contracts with vendors, partners, employees and other parties. We will help you confirm that the location you are buying or renting fits your current and future business goals, and make sure you understand the key details of your purchase agreement or lease. These are just examples of the comprehensive work we do for our clients.

We focus on what your business will look like operationally to provide the customized legal representation you need. Our goal is to prioritize getting you efficiently from point A to point B. Along the way, we will answer your questions, address misconceptions and advise on potential future issues with state or federal regulatory agencies.

We Make It Easy For You

For those in the food and beverage industry, taking the time to even contact a lawyer can be challenging. We understand that your hours extend beyond a typical 9 to 5 job. In recognition of this, we offer flexible hours and appointments.

Get started by contacting us to learn how we can assist you. Call us in Weston at 954-546-7951 or in Miami at 305-809-7669. We also serve clients in Orlando and Tampa, as well as throughout Florida. You can also fill out our online contact form.