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Guidance For Land Use Law Matters And Zoning Investigations

When a business owner is starting a new business where alcohol will be served, often their first thoughts are about obtaining a liquor license. While a license is necessary, finding a piece of real estate where they will be allowed to do business is a more immediate priority. If the place you have chosen to open your bar, restaurant, liquor store or similar establishment is not zoned for how you intend to operate your business, you need to know right away.

At Rubert Law, our team is prepared to deliver the information you need related to land use for a new business. Not only do we guide business owners searching for a place to open their establishment, but we also perform a thorough zoning investigation so you know what will be required before you can open your doors.

The Necessity Of Zoning Investigations

An array of zoning restrictions control liquor sales in Florida. Our team, led by attorney Samuel Rubert, will explain the various restrictions and give you a general idea of the most promising areas in your part of the state to search for a location. If you have chosen a potential property for your business, we will investigate to confirm the property’s viability for the goods and services you plan to offer.

This can range from simply needing the proper permits to needing administrative approval from local government officials or at a public hearing. We will guide you through this process. We have helped hundreds of alcohol-based businesses get the approvals they need to get themselves legal permission to open their doors to the public.

Keeping You On Track, Saving You Money

By preventing zoning issues from dragging out, we save our clients considerable time and money. Talk to us about the value we bring to the liquor industry. Call Rubert Law in Miami at 305-809-7669 or Weston at 954-546-7951 to schedule an appointment. We also serve clients in Orlando and Tampa, as well as throughout Florida.