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Transactions Guidance From An Attorney Who Knows The Industry

Buying or selling a business or starting a new entity in the alcoholic beverage industry contains risk. Let us help you ensure you do not overpay for your alcohol beverage license or business, and that you get full fair market value when you sell it.

Rubert Law works exclusively on transactional matters for members of Florida’s liquor business community, including bars, breweries, distilleries, importers and restaurants. Our job is to get you from the beginning of your transaction, such as starting a new business, to the finish line as easily and cost-effectively as possible. To do this, we use our extensive knowledge of the law and practical realities of this business area.


Whether you’re buying a quota license for your new business or all the assets of an existing business, there’s more to be concerned about than just the purchase price. Who is going to be responsible for paying the transfer fee on the quota license? Do you have the right permits to continue operating the business? If there is a lease, is it assignable? Let an attorney provide you the information that you need to know by simplifying long contracts into a language you understand. Our licensing staff will guide you through the administrative processes to ensure you obtain the licenses and permits you need to operate.


When it’s time to sell your alcohol beverage license or business, it is essential to get the right price, but how you get that price can be more important. Is the buyer asking you to finance the sale? If so, what recourse do you have if the buyer doesn’t pay? It is often impossible to recapture the magic of your business, even after as little as one month. We can help you structure your sale so that you get the right amount of money at closing, and that any seller financing is secured so that whether or not the buyer succeeds, you’re made whole.


We can assist in the financing of a quota alcohol beverage license, or allow you to free up capital from a quota you already own. We also offer investors new financial opportunities to diversify their portfolio.


Whether you are purchasing a license or business, or already own a quota license but need some capital, we can help you by financing up to 80% of the value of the license. We can design interest-only or amortized loans to fit your specific needs. With no credit checks and some of the lowest closing costs in Florida, we can arrange to finance for your license in as little as one week. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you accomplish your goals.


Rubert Law offers loan funding opportunities for individual investors and provides all the necessary recording services to perfect the lender’s interest in the collateral.

Make Sure Your Next Business Transaction Is Handled Properly

Discuss your business plans with an experienced lawyer at Rubert Law. Call our law firm in Miami at 305-809-7669 or in Weston at 954-546-7951 to schedule an appointment. We also serve clients throughout Florida including in Tampa and Orlando.