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Why You Need An Attorney When Starting A New Alcohol Business

Part of starting a new business is finding the best value you can for every necessary service. For example, you might be thinking about hiring a broker instead of an attorney to help you obtain a liquor license due to concerns about legal fees.

While there are many good liquor license brokers out there, getting your license may be all they can do. They may not be able to get you from point A to point B, which is having a viable business that is licensed to serve or sell alcohol that is also in a location where they can actually use that license as intended. That is the type of comprehensive service you can expect from Rubert Law a law firm that focuses exclusively on the alcoholic beverage industry.

The Difference Having The Right Lawyer Can Make

Not every business can be located wherever there is available space. This especially applies to bars, liquor stores, breweries and related entities. A liquor license is of little use if you cannot actually use it where you intend to. That begins with finding the right commercial property. Our attorneys can help you with the process of finding an economically and legally viable location for your business. Our services include a thorough zoning investigation to determine how much effort it will take to get permission to conduct business there so you can make informed choices. We also assist with contracts and agreements.

These are transactional services that liquor license brokers cannot provide, and add value to your budget.

Our Passion For The Industry

Our firm’s complete focus on representing Florida’s liquor industry gives us a unique insight into the applicable laws and regulations. In addition, our staff’s personal backgrounds in the industry help us relate to our customers and understand the practical information they need. Before our founder Samuel Rubert became an attorney, he attended culinary school and worked in bars and restaurants as a line cook. Those years inspired his passion for helping the alcoholic beverage industry with their key transactional matters.

Talk To Us About Our Services

Find out more about how we can help your business get started and prosper for years to come. Call us in Miami at 305-809-7669 or in Weston at 954-546-7951 . Alternatively, send us an email to arrange an appointment with an experienced lawyer. We also work with businesses in Orlando, Tampa and throughout the state of Florida.