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Liquor License Attorney For Orlando Business Owners

Businesses like bars, restaurants, concert venues and nightclubs need a liquor license to survive. But choosing and successfully applying for the proper license can be challenging without sound legal advice. At Rubert Law, we understand the complexities of acquiring and managing liquor licenses in Orlando. With our exclusive focus on the legal intricacies of the alcoholic beverage industry, our attorney, Samuel Rubert, is prepared to assist your business with its licensing needs.

Our lawyer is a trusted advocate for Orlando’s food and beverage sector and throughout Florida. His comprehensive understanding of the rigorous regulations at the local, state and federal levels ensures that your business stays compliant while pursuing its operational goals.

Applying For A Liquor License In Orlando

In Orlando, the application process is streamlined through the Orange County Fast Track system. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Applications must be submitted online and in PDF format, with “PD” at the beginning of the file name.
  • The Alcoholic Beverage License Review Application must be completed, including proximity to sensitive locations.
  • You must also complete the State of Florida Application.
  • Applications are reviewed for compliance, and successful ones receive signed approval via email.

Choosing The Right Liquor License For Your Business

Every business is unique, and choosing the right type of liquor license is essential. Here are some of the options available:

Quota Alcoholic Beverage License

A quota license permits the holder to serve wine, beer and liquor for consumption on or off the license holder. Quota licenses are highly coveted and difficult to acquire, unless you purchase an existing license from a business looking to sell or enter the state of Florida’s annual Quota Alcoholic Beverage License Drawing.

Specialty Alcoholic Beverage License

For restaurants where food and nonalcoholic beverages make up at least 51% of sales, business owners will want to consider a specialty alcoholic beverage license like an SFS or S license. The state has requirements on size of the restaurant and number of seats in the establishment. Notably, the business may not serve alcoholic beverages after the hours of serving food with these licenses.

1APS/2APS Package Sale

A 1APS license gives your business permission to sell packaged beer for off-site consumption. A 2APS is for sales of beer and wine for off-site consumption and is commonly used by convenience stores and supermarkets.

One Day Permit (ODP), Two Day Permits, and Three Day Permits

These are temporary licenses for special events or occasions. Temporary permits may be the right fit for a county or nonprofit organization looking to host an event where alcohol will be sold.

As your Orlando liquor license law firm, we guide you to the license that aligns with your business model and goals. We can also help you renew your license or shift from one type to another as your business needs change.

Contact Us For A Consultation

Navigating the path to a liquor license in Orlando does not have to be overwhelming. Contact Rubert Law for a consultation on which license fits your needs and for assistance throughout the application process. Call us at 954-546-7951 or reach out via email to arrange an appointment. From our offices in Miami and Weston, we serve clients in Orlando and throughout Florida.