Bars and restaurants will need to adapt
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Bars and restaurants will need to adapt

On Behalf of | May 13, 2020 | Administrative Rule |

The cornerstone of the hospitality industry is graciously hosting and providing service to customers. Now with the quarantine coming to an end, we will soon find out who can continue to do this work. Space here in South Florida is not as tight as it is in other parts of the country. Nonetheless, there will be many challenges for those who plan to reopen and make a go of it in this new, more challenging business climate.

Bars, cafes and restaurants across the country will need to implement new safety standards both to accommodate likely new laws or guidelines, as well as putting customers at ease when visiting a public house.

Jon Taffer offers a solution

Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer is a known entity on television, but he is also a leading hospitality consultant. Now he has unveiled the new Taffer’s Safe Dining System. He developed this concept to improve staff and patron safety using the latest technology, specific products and advanced training.

“Taffer’s Tavern is way ahead of the industry curve when it comes to staff and patron safety. Every product, preparation, cooking, plating and service program is designed to remove biological and other contaminants,” said Taffer. “In addition to making safety a top priority, Taffer’s Tavern uses cutting-edge technology and products to deliver excellent quality foods and delicious flavors in a third of the time and with up to 40% less labor than a traditional casual dining kitchen.”

Essential changes Taffer highlights include:

  • The highest possible sanitation standards
  • Proteins are vacuum-sealed from the commissary
  • Use of masks, gloves and equipment for medically safe food preparation techniques
  • Implement employee temperature logs during shift
  • Reduce the number of employees in the kitchen
  • Food not touched by human hands

This new system eliminates many of the costs of expensive restaurant equipment unnecessary for casual dining. Moreover, this emphasis upon preparation beforehand also carries over to the bar – Taffer says his system also has a unique array of premium drink choices.

Re-imagining the commercial kitchen and bar

There will no doubt be solutions offered by others as well. But the one hallmark of all these new approaches will be an increased emphasis on cleanliness as well as goods prepped ahead of time in controlled environments. Time will tell whether Taffer’s or another system will give the customer a positive experience while keeping them safe, but there may be no choice at least in the short term. The question is: will it be a sustainable plan for bars and restaurants?