What is a quiet title?
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What is a quiet title?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2020 | Land Use Law |

The term “quiet title” may be used from time to time when talking about real estate ownership. It refers to a single landowner who uses this legal tool to assert that they own a specific piece of real estate, and quieting other claims for that property. If all goes to plan, the court recognizes the quiet titleholder as the sole owner of the property. It can then be used to defend the owner’s rights to the property even if an heir of a previous owner disputes the claim, but it does not erase legitimate claims under the law (such as a lien).

Obtaining a quiet title

Getting a quiet title is a process:

  1. The claimant requests one from the local court.
  2. The claimant offers evidence that legitimizes their claim to the property, such as running a business.
  3. The claimant must also prove that they occupy the land in good faith with no knowledge of other claimants.
  4. The court acknowledges the claim as meeting its standards and grants the quiet title.

Property can be worth a large amount of money

It is wise to use an attorney here in Florida when conducting any business transaction that involves something as valuable as land. These legal professionals can help ensure that the papers are correctly filed, and the court has all the information it needs to issue the quiet title. They can also check to see that there is no other claimant asserting ownership, or defend a client if another claimant appears after the quiet title was issued.