Results for the 2019 quota licenses drawing
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Results for the 2019 quota licenses drawing

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | Administrative Rule |

In a follow up to our post from August 31st, Florida’s Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco (“DABT”) conducted its drawing for the 2019 quota licenses, and the results can be found here. Winners are responsible for filing an application and paying a $10,000 fee to have the license issued. If they sell the license in the next 36 months, DABT will impose a Penalty Transfer Fee of $27,300.00 on the transfer pursuant to Fla. Stat. §561.32(4)(b). If you are purchasing a license that was just issued, be sure you get credit for the transfer fee at closing, or you will get stuck with the bill after filing your transfer application. If you need help purchasing or selling a new license, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can protect you and your investment.