All label info should be in English
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All label info should be in English

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2021 | Alcoholic Beverage Law |

We talk a lot about the label approvals (COLAs) handled by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). This either involves a label of a new alcoholic beverage or a new alcoholic beverage import. The TTB has now issued a reminder that it often rejects applications if the label contains foreign text without an English translation. TTB regulations require the translation of both the label text and the information regarding the beverage’s production process, the manufacturer’s history and how the drink tastes.

One but not the other

The TTB says the required information is often in English, such as the GOVERNMENT WARNING, but the importer sometimes does not translate the rest of the information on the label. Foreign language text is held to the same standards as English language text, so it is often best to translate all information on the label. It smooths the approval process and helps ensure that there is no misleading or prohibited information on the label. It also helps guarantee that there is no contradictory label information. The translated material can be entered or uploaded during the third step of the online application process.

Working with an experienced hand

The Florida and federal liquor laws involving the manufacturing or importing of alcoholic beverages can be complex and seemingly downright arcane. Those looking for guidance with TTB applications often find it helpful and less stressful to work with someone who knows and understands these laws.