What type of liquor license will you need to serve alcohol at a one-time event?
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What type of liquor license will you need to serve alcohol at a one-time event?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2021 | Alcoholic Beverage Law, Licensing and Permitting |

After a tumultuous 2020, the nonprofit organization you have volunteered for over the last decade may need a large fundraiser to bolster its budget. You decide to host a dinner and wine event and feature many signature wines from a variety of Florida wineries. Or you are set to host a large corporate event, wedding or birthday party. During the planning of the event, you realize you may need to apply for a liquor license. What type of liquor license should you apply for to host a one-time event?

Special liquor licenses in Florida

Florida nonprofits can apply for a temporary or special sales liquor license. This license allows a bona-fide nonprofit to sell alcoholic beverages at a specific location for a specific event, which can’t last more than three days.

To receive this liquor license, groups must:

  • Pay a $25 fee
  • Submit proof of their nonprofit status
  • Submit zoning approval, if necessary
  • Receive Department of Revenue clearance
  • Submit the liquor license application

If you schedule your event at a convention hall, where an existing licensee is, your company, nonprofit or wedding or birthday party may decide to seek a temporary convention permit. A temporary convention permit doesn’t require a fee or a specific application, but you must include a letter detailing:

  • Who you or your company or organization is
  • What your event is
  • Each type of alcohol you will be serving at the event
  • Approval from the county or city where the convention center is to hold the event

Questions about the liquor license process

If you have questions about applying for a special liquor license for your nonprofit group and its fundraising event, you should reach out to an attorney. An attorney who understands Florida’s liquor licensing rules can help you get the license you need and ensure you don’t make any mistakes in the application process.


Sometimes, you might need help navigating strict alcohol licensing regulations. You may want to ensure you face no problems pulling of the grand fundraising event your nonprofit envisions. With help, you can make your event all you and your attendees envisioned it to be.