4 tips for choosing the right location for your new bar in South Florida
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4 tips for choosing the right location for your new bar in South Florida

On Behalf of | May 6, 2020 | Alcoholic Beverage Law |

Perhaps you are an entrepreneur, or you recently left your job in order to start a new tavern or bar in South Florida. This can be an exciting endeavor, but it can also be extremely challenging.

In addition to all of the legal licensing requirements for Florida alcohol businesses, you will have to choose the right location. Like any other business, a bar requires the right location for a successful return on investment. Make sure you choose a location that will position you for success.

Key factors to consider

Here are 4 tips for choosing the right location:

  1. Compliance with county ordinances: Each county will have its own slightly different rules and restrictions. In most cases, taverns will have to be a certain distance from churches and schools, and there may be setback requirements, as well.
  2. Zoning: Like any business, a tavern must be on a property zoned to allow for alcohol sales and consumption.
  3. Convenience: On a more practical level, you want your bar to be convenient for your potential customers. In addition to being conveniently accessible from the street, you should also be in a location that allows for maximum visibility of your sign and your building so people know you’re there.
  4. The right neighborhood: Being located in the right neighborhood is a critical factor for success. If you are trying to start an up-scale local brewery, you should make sure to locate your bar in a more affluent neighborhood, for example. A hip, young bar for a college-aged customers should be located near a college.

Starting a bar is much like starting any other type of business that requires customers in a specific location. When you consider your location as a key factor, you will improve your chances for success.

In addition to the choices you make, you will have significant legal hurdles to navigate. Florida is not the easiest state in which to open a new alcohol business. Get the help you need to navigate these legal challenges.